Sky Wing has a complete quality control system of IQC, IPQC, OQC, T / PQE, laboratories etc. to control product quality.

1. Supplier material control

(1) The quality department has carried out all-round verification and testing with reference to the MIL-STD-105E AQL sampling standard, and has included some important materials (such as batteries, speakers, wires, charging lines, etc.) into key material types, Key materials will be strictly verified to ensure that the front-end material quality assurance.

(2) IQC has the equipment to test all incoming materials, such as: 6125 electro-acoustic tester, battery tester, wire tester, insulation resistance tester, digital bridge, salt spray tester, swing tester, battery compartment cabinet , Alcohol wear tester, 100 grid tester, constant temperature and humidity boxes, and so on.

2.Process control of products

(1) Products are produced in automated assembly line. The equipment of each production line are comprehensive, standardized operation with the establishment of a CELL line to the implementation of multi-job operations, specifically to deal with urgent orders, small orders.

(2) For single speakers, we have a dedicated independent test workshop using the Soundcheck electro-acoustic tester for 100% sub-stalls DB curve full inspection.

(3) For RF test, we have the RF automated testers for 100% testing to ensure that the consistent RF of the products.

(4) For the Bluetooth headset, we have the electro-acoustic automated testers for 100% full inspection. (Mainly for the overall curve, left and right balance, distortion, performance testing)

(5) All of our products have take 100% charge aging test to ensure that our products can be used normally and they are over 95%.

(6) For the Bluetooth adapters, we perform 100% functional tests (TX and RX modes)

(7) All the production process are equipped with 100% inspection station: PCB board, semi-finished products, semi-finished product charging, TV microscope (CCD) solder joint inspection, electro-acoustic automation testing, product aging, product charge detection, visual inspection and so on.

3. Support of product reliability verification

(1) We have our own independent and sound laboratory, and equipped with a complete test equipment to help us to complete the product quality control.

(2) We have equipment: X fluorescence spectrometer, constant temperature and humidity box, 6151 electroacoustic tester, key life tester, plug force testing machine, vibration tester, head expansion testing machine, wearing torque testing machine, wire Swing tester, salt spray test machine, drop test machine, waterproof tester, the second element image tester, carton compression tester to ensure product reliability testing.